Chapter 7 and foreclosure

I am currently in Chapter 7 and the mortgage company has been granted
a motion by the court to foreclose on my house as of last week. I am
five months behind in payments.Can I prevent foreclosure if I can get the money to catch up on my
mortgage payments?

Also, what is the foreclosure process? I live in Pennsylvania. What
notifications do you receive from the court, mortgage company, state
etc.? How much time do I have to get out of the house or does the
sheriff just show up and take the keys and evict you without any
previous notification?

I can’t find a place to live and have two children, one graduating in  June from high school. The kids don’t know anything about this yet. I’m scared to death.

If your attorney can not advise you on the timing of these things,
you need to find another attorney. They should have all these
answers for you. I know in my state, I have a 30 day notice after a
sale of any kind. That would come in written format from the sheriff.Hope this helps, all states are different, try calling your courthouse or sheriffs office to get details if your attorney can’t help you. O I forgot to mention, if you roll over to a chapter 13 you can keep your house. You can roll over up to the day of foreclosure and still keep your house. You have to pay the arrears over a 3 to 5 year plan. Did you contact the mortgage company yet? If not, do so. You should have contacted them at 3 months behind when they first started the process. They might reconsider if you do pay all the back payments. With so many in foreclosure, they’d rather have the money. You may have to pay penalties such as lawyer fees etc.

As luck would have it, I may be able to help. I just got off the phone with my mortgage company and I, too, am five months behind. I politely asked them if I could make extra payments to catch up and they agreed that could be fine. They’ll have to see the payments, he said, before they remove the default and there may be some legal fees (whatever, as long as I’m allowed to catch up). I’m fortunate that I have a little extra money coming in this month and am able to do this. Give the mortgage company a call, remain calm (that’s my biggest challenge), and see what they say.