Answer to Franca from NY

Hi, I’m Franca from NY. I am a single mom to 4 boys. I am a financial
mess. I’ve been using a credit counseling agency since October for my
credit cards and that has been working out great. But I am behind on my mortgage, utilites, car payment. I feel like I just do not have enough money coming in. I get Social Sec disability for my 2 youngest because their Dad is disabled but thats it, no child support. I do my best to stay on track but there is no room to budge. As soon as I get hit with something, it throws me totally off. I do not have any savings and each month I worry how I am going to get through. Gas and food prices are out of control. I do work full time.

Thanks for letting me vent. Its not a good week so far and its only Monday.

Hi Franca,
I really feel for you. Financial problems are really a big burden. If it’s a such a big problem for you, then maybe it’s time you take some action to become financially healthy. There are so many resources out there to help you. I know it would probably be tough to find the time with a full time job, being a full time mom to 4 boys, but your message sounds like you need to make your financial situation a big priority. I had a huge debt and the main thing that got me through paying it all off and gaining a healthy way of spending my hard earned money was changing my attitude about it. Many of the books or CDs by Suze Orman are really great for this. Do you ever see her on TV? Her ideas and programs may really help you as a woman. Check her out!